Required Gear: 

Skis: Touring Skis, Telemark Skis or Spilt Boards. Metal edges required, NO crosscountry skis. Skins required for going uphill.
Helmet: Ski, Bike, or Climbing helmet mandatory
Pack: You need a backpack that you can attach your skis to for the short bootpack section each lap. Carrying skis in your hands will not be allowed.
Food/Water: There are no aid stations so you need to bring your own.
Clothing: It can be cold when your waiting for your turn! Bring layers that you can quickly take off and put on to stay warm between relay legs.
Head Lamp: The transition area art the top has poor lighting a head lamp is recommended but not required.

*Avalanche Gear is not required for this race. The other ski mountaineering races in NA and Europe required a shovel, probe and transceiver but we relax those requirements for this race.

Race Categories:

Solo: Men and Women
Pairs: Men Women and Mixed
Team: 3 or 4 people; Men Women and Mixed

Age Categories:

Open (Age 19+) $60/Person ($50 earlybird)
Junior (Age 15-18) $40/Person ($30 earlybird)
Youth (Age 10-14) $30/Person ($20 earlybird)

*Free rentals at MEC for anyone under 18 if you show them your race confirmation.