Saturday, 7 December 2013

I am sorry to say the 2013 MEC Vert180 Race and Clinic are cancelled today.

Canada Olympic Park has closed their hill for all public traffic due to the cold weather and for the safety of the public and racers we cannot hold the event.

We thank you for your interest in the MEC Vert180 and appreciate your willingness to participate!

We will reschedule the clinic to be part of the Ken Jones Classic held at Lake Louise on February 8th, more information to follow.

You have one of two options for entry fee compensation:

1.  We can refund your entry fee it will be sent out in the mail
2.  You can transfer your entry fee to the COP race on April 5th which will be formatted similarly (hopefully we will be ski touring in T-shirts!) or next years MEC VERT180

Please notify me via email which option you would like to choose.

If you are still interested in doing a Ski Mountaineer race in the near future please join us at one of our upcoming circuit races this season (see attached), they are sure to alot of fun and a good challenge! 

Thanks for your patience, and have a wonderful Christmas!