Friday, 6 December 2013

Race Update

The cold weather has posed a challenge for us as organizers of the MEC Vert180 at this time the race is currently scheduled as planned.  The weather is predicted to warm up by tomorrow evening. But, our primary concern is keeping you as races safe. Canada Olympic Park is currently closed but is planning to open at noon tomorrow. Please check your email for further updates tomorrow if the weather situation changes we will notify you by email. We have decided to make the following changes/suggestions to help keep you safe and having fun while you race:

-The solo category will change from a 3 hour race to a 2 hour event
-Please bring goggles as the skin around your eyes exposed to the cold can get frost bitten
-Please bring a neck warmer or some form of face coverage
-Please minimize all exposed skin
-Bring a down jacket and other warm insulating layers if you have them.

-While we want you to challenge yourself if you feel uncomfortably cold at any point use good judgment and take a warm-up break. You will probably even perform better by taking a short break if you are feeling overly cold.